The dragon boat comes from China’s ‘dragon’ culture, with each dragon boat having traditionally having a carved dragon’s head at the front. The paddles represent claws, so watch out! There are generally up to 20 paddlers per dragon boat plus a drummer and a helm (someone to steer the boat).

The races are a fun spectacle, with at least two boats competing against each other over distances of 100 or 200 metre courses. Of course strength and technique are both important, but teamwork is crucial and this is the reason it is such a great teambuilding event.

In ancient China the dragon boat was used for religious purposes as a way of appeasing the rain gods. Some of our participants hope for the same, no rain during the race. Of course the weather in Thailand is so warm that a shower or two is no drama anyway.

Dragon Boating is new to Pattaya but not to Sail in Asia. We have over twenty years experience teaching corporate clients how to paddle and then to race these fun boats. This is the perfect M.I.C.E activity for large groups visiting Pattaya, Thailand. Your staff need no previous experience of paddling. The Pattaya dragon boat corporate activities can include many options for your bespoke event.

We run the Dragon Boat Event on the beautiful lake at Ocean Marina in Pattaya and host the catering at Mama's Restaurant on the lake. The delightful; restaurant is Thai Style and is the perfect venue for watching the racing and for wining and dining. Barbeque is outstanding as is the Buffet - provided by the Ocean Marina Restaurant (Bangkok Airline Catering Providers). Check out the movie and see if this activity would suit your company teambuilding!

Dragon Boating is a relatively low cost mass activity for corporate clients. We can run team building events for up to 800 people, with fabulous beach settings, lake settings and with feasts or BBQ provision too. We even supply you with a master of ceremonies and music too, if you like?