There are a couple of reasons why your senior management team in particular will love a sailing regatta.

The competitive spirit of the team is harnessed in a fun environment and your managers see the staff who are quick learners, good communicatiors and of course great listeners. The teams that will win the races are probably the teams that are good at working together. We suggest you confer with us in planning this event. If you want the event filmed or videoed we can arrange it. Gourmet sandwich lunch or beach BBQ? The safety of all participants is paramount. We are a company that are dedicated to marine safety so our competion is risk assessed and well controlled.

There’s so much to learn, for example ‘points of sail’ (which direction the wind comes from and how to adjust the sails to catch the breeze) and how to set sails for maximum efficiency. At least a few of your team will want to know more and will start thinking about attending more courses or becoming involved in yacht racing on their return home (we can help there too as we do all levels of sail training!)

Sail in Asia provides you with a range of corporate sailing activities to choose from. Our IYT / RYA qualified instructors and captains are able to offer you quality service.

Why not Learn to Sail on Catamarans or monohull yachts? The boats we use are safe and fun. Rise to the challenge of learning to race a yacht. We teach you to crew in the morning and then race you in matched yachts in the afternoon. The mini regatta is really very popular and lots of fun! If your desire is to race yachts you have come to the right company. We can organize a superb Mini Sailing Regatta in Pattaya waters and ensure your teams have a most memorable time.

Our Cruising Rallies are fabulous, because we can offer team building sailing trips to unspoilt islands and while your team swim and snorkel we prepare feasts, BBQ or a suptious meal in a superb shoreside Thai style restaurant.

We use a variety of yachts so everyone in your team will be catered for. We use classic yachts, cruising yachts, catamarans, sports boats and even racing yachts if requested.

Classic Boat sailing trips to the islands are for those who desire sophistication. We provide you with cool, calm, cruising whilst enjoying the scenery and tasting the good life. The yacht featured above is a 1906 Brixam Yawl and is an absolute delight to be on when wining and dining. Under sail she moves remarkably well too.