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Planning and Producing a Positive Business Meeting

MICE meetings in Pattaya, Choose this perfect venue for developing your companies plans. Meeting with clients, investors, partners or employees is an important part in the strategic planning and decision making process of any organisation. It is an opportunity to discuss new ideas, make important decisions and develop new and existing relationships.

Our staff have over 12 years of organising MICE meetings in Pattaya and the surrounding area.

Your choices of where to meet and the environment, facilities and services provided can have an important influence on the outcome of a meeting. Our aim is to provide you with a choice of top quality hotels to host your MICE event.

We aim to help you to provide a setting conducive to achieving positive results for your meeting. Efficient organisation, an impressive presentation and warm hospitality are all important to create a postive response, enhance your business reputation and make your event a success.

Providing quality accommodation and comfortable transportation as well as taking care of the needs and well being of your guests during their stay is essential to create a good impression. Go one step further, providing that something special to make your corporate meeting a unique event will create the lasting memories your invitees will take with them.

If you are searching for challenging Team Building activities that are well organised and attractively priced, look no further. Review our website to get an idea of what we offer. For further information or if you have questions or special requests please complete the Teambuilding and MICE Enquiry Form:

MICE meeting in Pattaya

Creative management and attention to detail from conception to completion will ensure the success of your corporate meeting. We will discuss and arrange with you all the logistics necessary to achieve your aims: transport and travel arrangements, accommodation, business meeting venues and corporate leisure and entertainment provision. We provide ongoing and flexible support through to your project's conclusion.

We will ensure you have:
  • a comprehensive planning strategy
  • full ongoing management support
  • flight booking and ticketing
  • hotel transfer and local transportation
  • hotel, resort or villa accommodation
  • food and beverage provision
  • meeting, seminar and conference rooms
  • audio-visual and specialised equipment
  • interpretors and translation services
  • design and marketing support
  • leisure and tour activities
  • corporate dining and entertainment
  • a cost effective succesful meeting

Our Corporate Clients include: